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Our Church Ministries in Dayton

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We offer a wide range of church ministries at New Life Fellowship Church to help bring you closer to God and know Him better. These ministries are not only for regular attendees, but also function as a way to spread the Gospel throughout the local community of Dayton. While the same goal is the aim for all our programs, these ministries are customized and tailored both to gender and age to make them more personal. Take a look at the services we provide to help you in your daily walk with the Lord. 


Our goal is to help bring men around Dayton and the world closer to Jesus. Through small study groups, we minister to today’s men and help them develop the courage to explore their walk with Christ and to be able to live victoriously and be empowered through the Holy Spirit. Through this, their family and friends will be able to see their fulfillment in the Lord Jesus Christ. 
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Beyond Sunday morning sermons, we minister to women by understanding their design, as we see in Genesis 2:18-24, where God created Eve with distinct differences from Adam. Created from his side, she was designed for relationship, so we can best reach women by connecting on a deep, emotional level by women, for women. Through women’s ministries (fellowship and Bible study), we can create powerful, life-lasting change for Christ. 
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Girls’ ministries

It’s never too young to start teaching younger children about the Lord. Through the girls’ ministry, starting from ages 3–4, we aim to win girls over through the saving grace of Jesus Christ. By fostering a positive environment of love and acceptance, our mentors work closely with girls, raising them to be powerful spiritual leaders for the next generation. With life application stories, activities, lessons, and discussion, we will help girls develop their gifts and abilities for Christ.
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Royal Rangers

Every Wednesday during the school year, we minister to young adults at New Life Fellowship Church. Not only do we reach young people for the Lord, we also teach and help to keep them. With young adults from over 70 nations, it’s our focus to make sure we can help connect to today’s youth, especially in recently turbulent times. We use both indoor and outdoor activities, combined with Bible study, to help find and move in sync with the heartbeat of young adults and make them more successful through the power of the Holy Ghost. 
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Life groups

Twice a month, we hold group meetings for adults, regardless of age. This allows us to all come together in fellowship in a relaxed environment and have more interaction. Together, we share our struggles, pray for each other, encourage our brethren in Christ, and grow spiritually. Life Groups helps us to remember that, despite the difficulties of our daily walk in this world, life is better together and with the Lord Jesus Christ. We invite you to join us every 2nd and 4th Sunday.
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Join one of our programs and walk with the Lord!
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